Learn How Malware Has Reduced E-Commerce Sales

Malware Attack!  Dragging my tired body to the office this fine Monday morning getting ready to start my daily rituals of office chores and dealing with the 10K questions from staff. My first work of the morning is processing orders from my WordPress e-commerce site that is a major profit funding source for my company. We get about 50K dollars a day in sales, running about a 50% margin for profit-this is a cash cow for our enterprise.

As I prepare to process orders, I am learning that there are no orders for the day. This has never happened since we fixed out ranking issues about two years ago. Looking closely at the site I see warning signs from Google in red that states that the site has been compromised and potentially has virus or malware programs running in the background. It’s time to remove malware!

Malware programs is a catch-all name for malicious programs running on the site or (PUP’s) which is short for potentially unwanted programs. There are so many names and types of virus or malware programs it is next to impossible to know the extent of what they are doing to the site and their purpose. This is a very important reason to hire the best malware removal service. The research we did prove successful in choosing RemoveMalware.net. We are back in business in less than 24 hours.

WordPress has proven to be an excellent choice for our e-commerce site. However, on any platform one has to worry about hackers and other unsavory individuals exploiting security vulnerabilities on the business site. It’s time to learn more about WordPress malware removal facts.

The security professionals at Remove Malware explained to our staff the necessary steps we can take to avoid malware attacks in the future. The importance of closing the security holes that breach the site from allowing customers to place orders on our e-commerce site. Click here for more information.